The demand for Dubai real estate increases during the period of Corona


A recent report showed that the local real estate sector in Dubai started a gradual recovery, but slowly, depending on a number of facts, the most important of which is the number of consumers looking for pre-approved mortgages from the banking sector and finance companies recorded a growth of 30% since the beginning of the closing period to combat the spread of a virus. Sk. “

The report said: “We will slowly return to the new normal, and the real estate market in Dubai will become more dynamic and adaptable to changes and challenges, and consumers’ interests and desires in real estate products such as utilities, external spaces, etc. will change, as the property will continue to be a permanent and desirable commodity for everyone,” according to the Gulf newspaper.

Sales inquiries from consumers about villa units in Dubai increased by more than 46% during the past week, compared to the same week last year, and rent requests for these units in the emirate for the third week in a row increased by 87%, when compared to the same week last year .

The real estate market trends are currently summarized in the increasing trend of consumers looking to buy villas and townhouses, and some major communities have returned to pre-closing levels, in terms of inquiries and searches, the majority of which focused on “Arab Ranches” and “Dubai Hills Estate” .

In the rental sector, payment terms are more important to consumers when they search for real estate, as we are beginning to see a change in terms of landlords, as they now accept payments between 6 and 12 checks, and the consumer’s search for short-term rentals has increased by more than 200% in Dubai During the “Corona” crisis.