Learn about the 10 largest debts in the world … America’s largest


The latest data issued by the World Bank showed that small countries with modest economies have become among the countries that suffer from the largest external debt in the world, in addition to the fact that the United States is still on the throne of the most indebted countries in the universe at a time when its debt is expanding rapidly and recording levels Unprecedented.

According to the data seen by Al Arabiya.net and released by the World Bank, the external debt of the United States reached 20.41 trillion dollars, which is the highest in the history of the United States, but the highest in the history of mankind as a whole, as the first country in the world has never reached these levels of debt. Mega.

The data showed that Britain ranks second in the world in terms of foreign debt, which amounts to 8.77 trillion US dollars, followed by France with a debt of 6.25 trillion, then Germany with external debt amounting to 5.59 trillion, while Japan comes in fifth globally in terms of external debt, which $ 4.22 trillion.

While the five countries with the largest debts in the world are the major industrialized countries with the largest economies in the world, the surprise is that the Netherlands, a relatively small European economy, ranks sixth globally with a debt of 4.18 trillion US dollars, followed by seventh in the world Luxembourg, which is the smallest country The European Union has external debt of $ 4.01 trillion.

Ireland has a debt of $ 2.85 trillion and ranks eighth globally, followed by Italy in ninth in the world with external debt of $ 2.5 trillion, then in tenth place globally Spain comes with a debt of $ 2.36 trillion.


These data show that the list of the ten most indebted countries in the world, including eight European countries, in addition to the United States and Japan, which means that the world’s debt is concentrated in the United States and Europe.

The data, which was seen by Al Arabiya Net, indicates that the eurozone bears debts in excess of $ 16 trillion in total.

Although many Arab countries suffer from difficult economic conditions and large debts, the list of the largest debtor countries in the world does not include any Arab country.