Does car car insurance cover rain and torrential damage?

Many people question the possibility of receiving compensation from the insurance company in the event that the vehicle was damaged by rain, torrent, hail or any other natural disaster.

To answer the loss, the spokesperson for the insurance companies stated in a press statement about the cases in which the owner of the car affected by the torrential rains could claim the insurance companies to compensate for these damages.

This includes if the document includes a clause stating this. As for the comprehensive insurance policies issued after the beginning of January 2018, they include coverage for that, as the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency obliged all insurance companies to include the item of compensation for natural disasters, rain and torrents, among the comprehensive insurance documents, whether for individuals or companies, while taking all measures against companies that are not committed to this decision. .

Some sources have reported that insurance companies deal with compensation for damages, rain, torrents and natural disasters as a single, indivisible unit as if it were a single accident, and each individual car is not dealt with.