Demands that corporate insurance prices be equal to their online counterparts

He called policyholders to equalize the prices of auto insurance policies in companies and through intermediaries, their prices through websites and electronic portals via the Internet, stressing that although there are limited exceptions in insurance coverage, the price of the policy through those sites remains lower.

In turn, the officials of insurance companies attributed the low prices of auto insurance policies via the websites to the low operating cost and the absence of administrative expenses or commissions.

In detail, the customer, Wajih Al-Sayyid, said that the prices offered for auto insurance documents through websites and electronic portals are lower, compared to those provided by insurance companies directly or through brokerage companies, pointing out that the lowest price he obtained to secure his vehicle through two insurance companies and a middleman To 1700 dirhams, while the price available through the online portal of a national company was 1350 dirhams.

He added that he contacted that national company to purchase an insurance policy directly from it, but he was surprised that the price of the policy was 1600 dirhams. He said: “I inquired from the company’s representative about the reason for the discrepancy in the price of the policy.

For his part, the customer, Samer Al-Najjar, said that the prices offered for insurance documents through electronic gates are 30% lower compared to the average prices he obtained from the company he deals with and some brokers, pointing out that these prices rise in turn, after adding items related to medical coverage resulting from Accidents outside the country and others. He stressed that despite these additions, online purchase prices remain less expensive.

He pointed out that some of the requirements of the documents available online were not sufficiently clear, and it was necessary to contact the company in question to explain it.

In addition, the sales manager of Fidelity Insurance Services, Adnan Elias, stressed that the prices provided by electronic portals for marketing insurance policies are low, pointing out that some of the documents are sold within the minimum limits mentioned in the system of standardization of insurance policies. He added that more insurance companies Dealing with those portals that are affecting the business of insurance brokers. Elias wondered about the ceiling of coverage and benefits mentioned in the documents sold online, given their low prices, indicating that the share of buying insurance documents online is increasing continuously during the recent period due to its demand by The servant Lynn.

In turn, the general manager of «Gate Way International Assurance» (insurance agents), George Al Ashqar, said that the prices of auto insurance policies through electronic gates are reduced by between 10 and 15% compared to the average prices in the market through other channels, due to the lack of Commissions and expenses for e-marketing sites.